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Main Types of Weed and Their Effects

Cannabis is the plant from which all types of weed are produced, however the effects on individuals can vary greatly depending on the species. There are numerous varieties of weed, sometimes known as marijuana. The dried seeds, stems, leaves, or flowers of the Cannabis plant are referred to as marijuana. The manner the plant is processed and the type of Cannabis plant it is, determine the particular form of cannabis.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the compound that is most active in marijuana. THC can affect mood, attentiveness, cognition, and cognitive performance because of its psychoactive effects. Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is a key component of marijuana plants and provides calming benefits without having the same euphoric effects as THC. It’s also believed that CBD can reduce pain, that’s one of the main reasons people love it. Luckily, Weed Delivery Ottawa got you covered!

The strongest marijuana strains typically have a greater THC to CBD ratio, or a lot of THC but less CBD. The effects of THC can be resisted by CBD when the ratios are more balanced. As a result, the impact of a marijuana strain on a person depends on the concentration of both compounds in that strain.

Several varieties of weed exist based on the species of Cannabis plant they are generated from, there are two main categories of weed. Although these two strains were the foundation of weed, there are now hundreds of other hybrid strains that combine the two, discover which one you can get from Weed Delivery Ottawa now!

Major Types of Weed and Their Effects

The cannabis plant has two main species: Cannabis indica and Cannabis Sativa, which produce the two main forms of weed. The many strains of weed differ from one another in terms of the effects they have on users, or the type of high they give, as well as the type of weed plant from which they originate.

Cannabis Ruderalis, a third strain, has also recently been utilized to produce weed. It is mostly used for medical marijuana and has lower THC levels. In addition, hybrid strains that combine the two main species have been created.

People who use marijuana typically pick a strain based on the effect they want to experience. Although each variety is distinguished by its unique effect, a person’s experience could be very different from another’s. The type of weed used and the method of consumption (smoking or eating) can both have a significant impact on the effects. Luckily, you can buy your favorite type of weed from Weed Delivery Ottawa whenever you want.

Although each person’s experience varies, each strain has the following common effects:

  • Indica

Cannabis indica was first discovered near Afghanistan, in the Hindu “Kush” region,  It tends to be shorter and resemble a bush because it comes from a cold, mountainous area. Compared to a sativa plant, the leaves are rounder, fuller, and darker. The buds normally grow in clumps.

C. indica is considered as a strong weed because it produces high levels of THC and little CBD. It frequently has a very calming or sedative effect, making users want to just relax on the couch. It is frequently used at night before going to bed because of this. Due of its calming effects, it produces a greater “body high.” Therefore, if you struggle with insomnia don’t hesitate to get it from Weed Delivery Ottawa, because people with insomnia frequently take indica due to its sedative effects. According to a recent study, more people used the indica strain than the sativa strain to get relief from pain and insomnia. The greater THC concentrations could be the cause of this effect.

  • Sativa

Cannabis sativa, comes from countries with warmer climates like Mexico and South Africa, grows quite tall and has long, thin leaves. It must be completely dark for more than 11 hours each day in order to flower.

In comparison to indica, C. sativa has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, making the two chemicals more evenly distributed in the plant. Because of the energizing effects of the sativa strains, people frequently consume weed of these strains in the morning or late in the day. Some report that the strain helps them concentrate better and be more creative. Accordingly, if you want to be productive and alert, get it from Ottawa Dispensary.

 Contrast to the body high experienced with indica, C. sativa is said to provide a “head high” or enhanced cognition. People who suffer from depression or fatigue frequently consume sativa due to its mood-lifting and invigorating properties. In addition, some of the symptoms of ADHD and other mood disorders have been said to be relieved by it.

  • Hybrid

In an attempt to produce effects from both of the two popular strains of cannabis, hybrid strains are created by cross-germinating their seeds. Nowadays, hybrid strains are more prevalent than pure indica or sativa strains.

The dominant influence that a hybrid has is typically used to describe the hybrid. For instance, an energetic high and a sativa high are more likely to come from a sativa-dominant strain. However, consumers don’t find it easily, fortunately Ottawa Weed Delivery provides it. 

  • Ruderalis

The name ‘Ruderalis’ comes from ‘Ruderal’, which is used to describe wild plant species that are the first to colonize territory disturbed by natural forces or human activities or natural forces. 

Ruderalis is another important species of cannabis, it was originally found in southern Russia. Compared to the other two weed species, C. ruderalis grows more slowly and has thin, fibrous stems and large leaves. Additionally, because it is an autoflowering plant, the age of the plant rather than the amount of light determines when it blooms. Due to its extremely low THC content in comparison to the other strains,  ruderalis is rarely used for recreational purposes. It is used more frequently in mediclinical marijuana.

Furthermore, Currently, hybrids made by combining Indica and Ruderalis strains prove to be among the earliest-maturing outdoor plants accessible. Ruderalis hybrids are also helpful for medical applications in conditions when the therapeutic benefits of CBD are required, without the concomitant intoxication effects of high-THC strains.