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Hydro Green is Ottawa’s premier cannabis delivery service & Mail order Canada wide.We offer Same day delivery (30-90 minutes delivery) in Ottawa surroundings.

We pride ourselves in consistency and are dedicated to serving you the finest grade of products.

We offer a wide variety of cannabis products including; graded cannabis flowers, concentrates and hash, edibles and vape pens. Visit our menu to browse all our products.

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Edibles Delivery in Ottawa

Discover the Ease of Getting Cannabis Edibles and Accessories Delivered Directly to You.

Experience ultimate convenience with HydroGreen Shop's same-day delivery in Ottawa for premium cannabis edibles and accessories. Indulge safely at home—effortlessly. read more

super pink kush

SUPER PINK KUSH Cannabis Strain: A Detailed Exploration

Introduction to Super Pink Kush Super Pink Kush, a potent descendant of the renowned Pink Kush, stands as a quintessential example... read more

black widow

Black Widow Cannabis Strain: An In-Depth Review

Overview of Black Widow The Black Widow cannabis strain, often confused with the more notorious White Widow, stands out due to... read more

alien og

Alien OG Cannabis Strain: A Comprehensive Guide

Alien OG is a potent hybrid cannabis strain known for its unique combination of intense effects and a distinctive flavor... read more

Devil Raiser OG Strain Delivery in Ottawa

Devil Raiser OG Strain Delivery in Ottawa

Discover the unique kick of Devil Raiser OG Strain. Dive into what sets it apart and why Ottawa can't get... read more

Atomic Gas Strain Delivery

Atomic Gas Strain Delivery in Ottawa How Atomic Gas Strain Is Different From Other Strains

Discover Ottawa's atomic gas strain delivery! Learn how this unique strain stands out from the rest, delivering unparalleled potency and... read more

Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa

Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa

Discover the convenience of cannabis delivery in Ottawa. Fast, discreet, and reliable service right to your door. Explore your options... read more

Weed Delivery in Otatwa

Weed Delivery in Otatwa

Discover the ultimate convenience with Otatwa's top weed delivery services. Fast, discreet, and reliable - elevate your experience today! read more

Edibles Delivery in Ottawa

Edibles Delivery in Ottawa

Get your favorite cannabis edibles delivered fast in Ottawa! Discover the top delivery services for hassle-free, discreet access to tasty... read more

Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa

Seamless Access to Green Goodness: How Delivery Services are Enhancing the Cannabis Experience with Diverse Product Offerings

Discover how cannabis delivery services are revolutionizing your green routine with a vast array of products—effortless, discreet, and right to... read more

Advancements in Cannabis Delivery Services.

Advancements in Cannabis Delivery Services.

Stay ahead with the latest in cannabis delivery services in Ottawa - discover cutting-edge innovations for a seamless experience. read more

Convenience in Every Puff: The Top Benefits of Using a Weed Delivery Service for Your Vape and Flower Needs

Discover ultimate comfort with weed delivery—top-notch vape and flower at your doorstep. Embrace the ease and privacy of seamless, fast... read more

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