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Top Cannabis Strains In 2022: Best Cannabis Strains And Their Effects

Cannabis lovers, rejoice! Cannabis is more widely available than ever before, and there are more creative ways to consume it than ever before. However, having so many alternatives might be intimidating.

Different forms of cannabis react with our bodies’ receptors in various ways. This implies that the emotional and physical consequences they have will differ.

Depending on how you’re feeling, you may choose the type of cannabis that’s best for whatever you’re going to accomplish. It depends on whether you want to spend your day on the couch or get some fresh air and exercise.

Here’s a basic summary of the various cannabis strains and their effects.

  • Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is an excellent sativa-dominant hybrid. Spending some time with this top strain will leave you feeling euphoric, happy, and completely uplifted. All of this is enveloped in earthy, citrusy tastes that come together to produce a total pleasure. Skunk #1 has been shown to aid with mood swings, irritable headaches, and pain alleviation. This flower’s indica and sativa characteristics combine to provide a great mood-enhancing experience, which is reinforced by a 29.2 percent active THC screening rate.

  • Green Quack

This bright and clear sativa is commonly known as “Green Crack.” The type of cannabis is a fantastic strain that is reasonably priced without compromising any of the strong sativa sparkles that sativa enthusiasts want. Green Quack is among the most widely loved strains. So, seize an ounce while you still can!

  • Bubble G

Bubble G is a nice, old-fashioned, all-around indica that is as drowsy and stoney as they get. No muss, no hassle. Bubble G is the ideal strain if you’re seeking a powerful competitor. Fruity and floral flavors accompany a robust, euphoric high that is complemented by a remarkably creative punch for a weed indica strain. This cultivar has been perfected by growers since the 1970s. Take a journey down memory lane now by grabbing the best cannabis strain!

  • White Widow

Don’t be put off by the moniker – White Widow is as welcoming as they come. This vibrant green sativa strain employs earthy, woodsy characteristics to provide a beautifully euphoric high. This makes it ideal for a hiking day or an afternoon by the fire! White Widow is wonderful for getting out of a funk. Its sativa high delivers a mood-boosting blend of excitement and relaxation.

  • Blueberry 

Blueberry likes to keep things simple. As a consequence, we have among the best-tasting strains on the market. This indica strain has received several Cannabis Cup prizes, and a quick scent will reveal why: It’s an aromatic indica with a fantastic blueberry scent and flavor profile, all while providing a very calming, drowsy, and stoney high. Blueberry, with a THC content of 23.2 percent, is an old-school indica that doesn’t play around.

  • Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush is a straightforward and simple cannabis indica strain. Its sweet and earthy fragrance notes provide a wonderfully relaxing, drowsy high, ideal for unwinding at the culmination of a long day of work or at the beginning of the new day of having some fun with your best buddies.

  • Sour Diesel 

Sour Diesel is the cannabis sativa strain you love and know, bred to perfection by expert growers. This stimulating sativa strain has 28.3 percent THC, which means that every earthy dose comes with a tremendously active high that never ends. Sour Diesel is the ideal supplement to almost any activity, as well as for stress and pain alleviation.

  • AK-47

The AK-47 cannabis strain is a renowned hybrid strain with a big punch. T As this sativa-dominant strain tends to be the present that keeps on giving earthy and woodsy taste qualities wrapped around an energizing high. The AK-47 is an obvious choice of the favorite hybrid cannabis strains due to its long-lasting and mellow high.

  • Sherbet Sunset

Sunset Sherbet is a top cannabis strain that tastes as good as your favorite dessert. At 4.20 percent, this amazing strain has an incredible terpene percentage. It provides a very ecstatic, stoney high, making it an excellent choice. This indica-dominant combination, earthy and citrus, falls over you as a colorful sunset, coloring anything you do with wonderful shades of tranquility.

  • Bruce Banner

When it comes to the best cannabis strains and their effects, the list can’t be complete without Bruce Banner. This hybrid strain is, as the name implies, about as powerful as they come and in the greatest manner conceivable. The well-balanced, somewhat indica-dominant monster hits the proper balance. However, it never sacrifices the power for taste. That cheerful, uplifting high is accompanied by a sweet, earthy taste profile that will have you returning for more.

  • Papaya Punch

Papaya Punch adds a delicious taste to your cannabis consumption experience. Papaya Punch, one of the newest indicas, contains tropical fruit flavors as well as the soothing cannabis indica feelings we all love so dearly. Whether you’re trying to unwind at the end of a long day or simply want to relax while reading your favorite book, the Papaya Punch cannabis is a great strain to try.

  • Strawberry guava

This strain, as the name implies, has a sweet fruity taste profile that it employs to present you with a beautifully well-rounded hybrid experience. When it comes to marijuana strains and their effects, the Strawberry Guava weed type provides the best of the two worlds. It establishes a perfect mix between that cerebral sensation and the more mellowed-out pleasure of a sativa. Strawberry Guava is a delightfully scented flower that is one of our favorite cannabis strains for relaxation as well as anxiety alleviation.

  • Hyper Critical 

This cannabis strain is a novel addition to the indica hybrid family. When eaten, the journey begins with a hallucinogenic punch that gradually fades into a joyful state. You’ll feel lighter, less stressed, and more mentally clear. Then the indica sensations kick in. You’ll experience a sensation of calm in both your body and mind. When it comes to the best cannabis strains and their effects, Hyper Critical is ideal to be used shortly before bedtime to promote a restful night’s sleep.

  • Lemon Drizzle 

Lemon Drizzle is a marijuana strain whose parents are two award-winning cannabis strains, Mazar Auto and Critical Auto. Its lemon-flavored smoke makes this new cannabis strain enjoyable to consume. You’ll glide away into exquisite ecstasy once the effects kick in. The indica dominance provides a powerful anatomy high that relieves any stress. Your thought will be completely clean of life’s pressures.

  • Cake Bomb 

Cake Bomb is one of the greatest new cannabis strains. It’s the right combination of terpenes to provide an unusual and distinct pleasant buzz. With 29 percent THC, it will hit you hard right away. You’ll feel as though you were punched in your face with a hallucinogenic punch. You’ll feel comfortable from top to bottom as it falls.

When smoked, the tastes of lemon zest, sweetness, and earthiness fill your tongue for a pleasurable inhalation. When consuming this new cannabis strain, proceed with caution since the effects are just like a tsunami.

  • Runtz

The ancestors of this new marijuana are Gelato and Zkittlez. It’s distinguished by its rich purple and brilliant green contrasted coloration and resin-filled blooms.

The appearance of this novel cannabis variety isn’t the only thing pot lovers are raving about. The vapor tastes like sugary fruits and is really pleasurable to inhale.

You will experience alleviation from any aches as the aroma from Runtz marijuana penetrates your body. Because you’ll be in a dreamlike state, this novel cannabis strain is ideal for watching movies on a rainy day.

  • Phantom Menace 

Triangle Kush and Skywalker Ghost are indica-dominant marijuana cultivars that are extremely rare. When you combine both, you produce a novel cannabis strain called Phantom Menace. 

The plant of this new variety of cannabis contains thick resin, strong strength, and a citrus scent from Skywalker Ghost. The Triangle Kush section provides incredible medicinal advantages, including relief from chronic pain, sadness, anxiety, and tension.

When you ingest it, you will experience a tremendous mental high followed by ecstatic bodily relaxation. 

  • 5 Alive Feminized

Because it is a unique and novel cannabis strain, the 5 Alive plants are popular among hipsters. People nowadays are often looking for hard-to-find things. Grow this novel cannabis strain, and your friends will think you’re cool.

When you ingest this unique cannabis strain, you will feel more active and mentally clear. As the mind fills with new ideas, you’ll become more creative.

  • Strawberry Cough 

This particular cannabis strain is one of the greatest sativa strains available. You will feel pleased in your thoughts and calm in your body after consuming it. The cerebral buzz will transform into an invigorated, upbeat mood. This marijuana strain has the potential to benefit those suffering from melancholy, stress, and mood swings.

  • Tropic Thunder

If you enjoy a blissful and comforting high, this new cannabis strain is ideal for you. The Tropic Thunder strain induces profound cerebral and physical relaxation. You’ll be in a trippy condition, which rapidly expands your mind and relieves tension. As it all slows down, your physiology will feel like it’s on cloud nine. 

  • Amnesia Lemon

This marijuana strain is primarily sativa. Amnesia Lemon is an exceptional marijuana strain that mimics Original Haze, a long-time fan favorite. It’s both energizing and sedating, resulting in a wonderful buzz.

You’ll be social and in a good mood. Your head will be free of worry, while your physique will feel completely rejuvenated. This is the ideal wake and bake cannabis strain when consumed in moderation.

  • Fruit Autoflower

Fruit Autoflower is mostly indica priding in high CBD levels of up to 8 percent. With a low THC level, you don’t have to worry about getting intoxicated unless you take it in very high doses. This top cannabis strain is ideal for people looking to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The greater CBD content and mild THC create a soothing buzz. Anxiety, sadness, stress, chronic pain, and tension will be relieved. Without a severe psychedelic experience, your mind will be clear. Your body will feel light and mobile, free of discomfort.

  • Chemdawg 91

Chemdawg 91 is a hybrid of Chemdawg and Skunk. The strain emits a pungent, skunky, but chemical-like odor, implying that it is related to Chemdawg and Skunk. This strain is highly likely to produce a head high, while it may also provide a little body buzz. For these reasons, it is ideal for pain relief during the day.

This cannabis strain won’t put you to sleep. However, it will dull whatever discomfort you are feeling. It is also known to aid with mental diseases, particularly anxiety and depression-related brain problems. Patients suffering from muscular spasms have also reported beneficial outcomes after applying the strain. Chemdawg #91 also has the power to spark creativity in its user.

  • Candyland

Candyland is one of the leading cannabis hybrid strains. However, you may think it is 100 percent sativa. It is sativa-dominant, inheriting many characteristics from one of its parent strains, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. It does, however, share certain characteristics with its other father, Granddaddy Purple. With such proud parents, it was clear that Candyland would be a really unique strain. Candyland has a unique taste. It’s pungent, yet it’s a sweet pungent with woody undertones.

Candyland’s psychedelic effects will be enjoyed by the user in addition to the flavor. It will leave you feeling joyful, elevated, calm, and energized. Candyland is a terrific daytime strain for painters, musicians, authors, and anybody else who uses the creative part of their brain because of that surge of energy! The strain is also useful in treating a variety of medical ailments such as anxiety, depression, pain, migraines, and exhaustion. It is recommended that you use it throughout the day because it is inclined to keep you awake.

  • Granddaddy

Granddaddy Purple is a well-known indica hybrid of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Born in California, the mainstay derives a combination of grape and cherry scents from the Purple Urkle dad, while Big Bud contributes to its massive but dense bud structure. GDP blooms bloom in deep Purple, providing a backdrop for the outer leaves’ snow-like covering of white crystal resin. GDP contains psychoactive properties that combine to provide a fantastic mind-body experience, combining strong euphoria with full body comfort and release. Granddaddy Purple, like other deep indica strains, is commonly used to alleviate pain, stress, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and appetite loss.

Final Word About Top Cannabis Strains and their Effects

There you have it! These are the top cannabis strains and their effects. Depending on the effect you want to attain, you can choose one from this list. Have an incredible smoking experience!