the many ways of weed

The Best Ways To Consume Cannabis

The Many Ways Of Consuming Cannabis

You have more options today than ever before for how to consume cannabis. Since there are so many ways to consume weed, it became challenging to identify the “best” method. The oldest way is smoking, but vaporizers are growing in acceptance. In terms of edibles, you can now eat almost anything you want and add THC, CBD, CBG, or even CBN to it. Oils, sprays, and a ton more are now available as well. Therefore, the “best” way to consume weed truly relies on your preferences and how you value factors like price, health, potency, and convenience. Fortunately, you can get any type of weed from Ottawa Weed Delivery. According to experts, there are over 18 ways to consume weed, in this article we’ll guide you through the main ones. 

Main Weed consumption Methods 

Weed Consumption

We’ve categorized the consumption techniques into two groups for your convenience: Inhalants and edibles. Inhalants  represent the smoking, and edibles refers to consumables. We intend to make it easier for you to find your best method by structuring the explanation of each method like the following:


The most popular way to consume cannabis  is by inhalation, or smoking. Additionally, it’s the quickest way to consume the beloved THC. The cannabinoids are transferred straight into your bloodstream, since they enter your body through your lungs. Furthermore, because blood travels at a speed of three to four miles per hour on average, it takes THC only a few seconds to reach your brain after it enters your circulatory system, especially if you consume weed of good quality, such as the one provided by Ottawa Weed Delivery. 

In a study by the Journal of Chemistry and Biodiversity, participants who inhaled cannabis claimed to experience its effects immediately. Smoking is the fastest delivery method, but it also causes the most harm to the lungs. To smoke marijuana, you must carboxylate (burn) it, which releases more plant and paper material along with the cannabinoids. The delicate tissue in your lungs may suffer harm from these foreign substances, therefore you should avoid smoking it too much. 

Smoking a blunt
  • Joints 

The most famous cannabis consumption method is probably the joint. They’ve successfully made it to the “mainstream” in stoner classics. 

For a more potent high, some consumers like to fill their joints with a mixture of tobacco and cannabis. In either case, all it takes is one joint hit to feel it. And obviously,  the better the cannabis is, the better the effect is. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get the best weed from Ottawa Weed Delivery. 

  • Blunts 

In many ways, blunts and joints are identical, although cigar papers are used to roll them instead of cigarette or rolling papers. Additionally, compared to the smaller and thinner joint, blunts are typically larger and hold more marijuana. Blunts are preferred by many cannabis users, simply because they have been widely used for many years. Furthermore, users usually like the “old school” method of smoking because it is more substantial and manageable. 

There are several ways to vape marijuana, including dry vaping (which uses flower), oil vaping, and wax vaping, but they’re all pretty similar. However, If you’re worried about your lungs, stay with edibles because vaping isn’t necessarily safer than smoking. Vaping has additional advantages to smoking, such as being less obvious and possibly requiring less cannabis to get high. But if you overdo it, those very advantages might become disadvantages. 

  • Bubblers 

Bubblers are mainly little bongs, small enough to fit in your pocket. Similar to bongs, bubblers give the smoke some time to cool before it enters your lungs. This makes it simpler for the user to receive more powerful hits and experience greater effect. 

Edible Gummy and Flower

You don’t like smoking or vaping. Want to avoid inhaling your marijuana? No issue! You’re fortunate to live in a time with so many possibilities. The top alternate option on the list is oral consumption. 

There is certainly a cannabis recipe for any food you can think of. However, eating is no longer the only oral delivery method for THC. You can benefit from cannabis by using tinctures, pills, sprays, and even beverages, especially if you’re from Ottawa, you can easily get any type of weed you want from Ottawa Weed Delivery. 

When cannabis is ingested orally, there are two crucial considerations to bear in mind regardless of the method: 

1. The effects of the cannabinoids will take longer to appear. 

2. Marijuana will result in stronger effects. 

Oral marijuana users typically experience the effects at least 30 minutes after consumption. Sometimes it takes more than an hour to feel such effects. Moreover, oral consumption typically has a two-hour window for its peak effects, which can extend up to six hours or longer depending on the person. What’s more, bear in mind that oral consumption give you stronger effects. The reason for this increase in potency is that the cannabinoids in cannabis go through a chemical shift as they are digested, making them more potent. 

  • Weed Snacks 

Cookies, Brownies, cakes — you’ve got a variety of options. In case your dispensary not provide the food you desire, all you have to do is a quick google search, and you will definitely find a weed recipe for it.

  • Pills 

You can consume marijuana in the shape of a capsule or a pill, just like you would any other drug or medication. Users beware, this is a good method if you’re trying to quit smoking. The majority of pills are strong and highly concentrated. Make sure you are aware of the strength of your dosage, and buy from a trusted dispensary that provide Ottawa Weed Delivery. 

  • Dissolvable Strips 

THC and CBD dissolvable strips are both available. They basically look like little squares of edible “paper” that melt when exposed to water (in this case, your saliva). Any experience with breath strips? The same idea, but THC or CBD kick are cannabis strips. 

  • Sprays 

THC sprays are tinctures stored in a spray container. Imagine a breath refresher spray to get the idea. Typically, only one or two squirts are necessary to send you flying to a pleasant height. The best thing about sprays is that you can use them even around people who might not be in favor of your consumption, because they are undetectable, and easy to get with Ottawa Weed Delivery.

  • Drinks 

Although it’s not an easy process, you can make marijuana tea and even marijuana beer! Yes, there are also possibilities like wine and coffee. Although it’s less common than eating it, drinking weed has essentially the same effects. 

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